Q and A

Q. Can girls take drum lessons too?

A. Sure, why not?

Q. I'm not athletic can I still play drums?

A. Yes, as a matter of fact you can become a great drummer!

Q. How much are lessons?

A. $100 per month

Q. Can I pay each week?

A. No, lessons are paid monthly at the first lesson of each month

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. None - there will typically be 4 months that have an extra lesson so those are considered floating make up dates

Q. What happens if the instructor cancels?

A. I will be at every lesson but, if for some reason I am unable to make it I will personally pay another instructor to give the lesson. If I cannot find a replacement the lesson amount will be taken off the following month.

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Q. How do I set up my first (free) lesson?

A. Submit your info under location or call 763-360-0902

Q. What do I need for the first lesson?

A. Nothing - everything will be supplied       for you

Q. How long are the lessons?

A. 30 minutes

Q. Can my parents sit in on the lesson?

A. Absolutely - family and friends are   always welcome!

Q. What age is acceptable to start drums?

A. Anyone from 5 years old and up

Q. How often should I take lessons?

A. Once a week

Q. How much should I practice?

A. As much as you can but I recommend    30 minutes per day